Willingly I Impart My Things [After Monument]

Willingly I-Impart My Things was made in collaboration with the Leaders of Men, commissioned by AMAUROT VIDEO and supported by the following organisations: Utopian Poetry Foundation. KeepMorseCode.Org. Amaurot Arts Council. Copyright MMXVIII humdrum artist Jonathan Kelham and PERTER GILES | GALLERY. The film explores a new development in the fictitious world of the Leaders of Men [hybrid romanticised englishness: joeortonpaddingtonbear, iancurtisofficerdibbleand markesmithspottyman], in Willingly...the leaders deliver a poetic statement on their idiosyncratic depiction of Englishness, taking its structure from the opening prose of Sir Thomas More's Utopia 1516. Constructed in the mainstream communication on the Black Island, Morse code and transferred to reality via defunct light filaments, this important statement is almost lost, undermined by their bumbling, narcissistic and self-inflicted marginalisation.

Jonathan Kelham
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