is an interactive installation, working with a web camera, computer and a projector. In a mystical environment of a darkened room, with a strong spot light source, the visitor is expected to interact with the projection. Capturing the transformations of the image of the present moment, aligning the time that is passing by, frame by frame, columns of pixels are appearing one next to another, sliding over the screen, until the whole image has been created.

The program uses real-time video footage, and is based on a set of algorithmic rules which create a function of slit scan photography, distorts it, allowing visitors to participate and to create a site-specific image. It could appear as distorted portraits or images of their physical appearance, but also abstract images of the space. It questions the audience's approach to possibilities of transformations of digital image, exploring and showing the depth of it behind the computer interface layer.  After each full scan-pass across the width of the screen, the program is taking a screenshot, leaving a photo document approximately every half a minute of its activity, which will be posted to Instagram, after being selected and curated.

slit-scan project
programmed in javascript

︎Kristina Tica