The liar paradox
[increasingly common sub-topoi of current affairs and conditions in contemporary art and digital culture. Viewed allegorically- as a cephalopod figure, or better yet, octopus figures composed of multiple prosthetic limbs that interfere with interpersonal relationships, interactions and exchanges -they are paradoxical in nature. The erotic nature of social interrelationships and their different economy reveals beyond-rational sources of imaginary attempts and attitudes. Combining them with cultural activities, from subtle to raw gestures and statements, practices or intentions. Overall, they point out the lieas a wholly implicit necessity for interconnectedness in normatively-mediated conversations. The specificity of imagining and persuasion as the capacity to realize or prosthetize relations, with the intention of satisfying the need to calibrate or categorize these position-oriented labors in the ever-increasing complexity of the given. Between the supposedly real and what is not; what is nature and the so-called culture is a vast network of production that oscillates in the unofficial abysmal recess of a global towards a localized learning horizon. It is almost always repeated through sameness and imperceptibility, and their influence creates a sufficiency that breaks down in the virtual. Someone who initiates and decides something sets the topic for another with the same conditions to decide, initiate and propose. Liar-deceiver relationship is internal phenomena of self as that which is distinguishable of what stands (was before) against it. An honest and insincere position for sincerity is a key basis from which the upper framework emerges on the battlefield of resolved strategies and coping with exaltations, leading to form, modality and behavior results. Whenever there is a lie around the corner, life is slowly transforming into a wider range of thriller modes. It is a justified tool of harassment, increasingly present in our temporalities.]